TEDxCluj - What if?

Client: TEDxCluj

Services: visual concept, graphic design 

Challenge: For the third year in a row, TEDxCluj has chosen our agency to come up with the visual concept of the event. The 2019 edition has as a main theme the question ”What if (the impossible was possbile)?”. All the greatest discoveres are the result of a timely question. A question that might change everything we know about the world. What if? is the window to a better world.


We chose to reflect this theme through the „impossbile” font that becomes possible by changing the perspective. In the same time, the subtlety of this font (that is fully deciphered only at a closer look), communicates the idea of aknowledging the patterns.


We’re waiting for you at TEDxCluj 2019!


Team: Ioana Căprar (Account Manager), Cătălina Ciolan (Creative Director), Paula Vrînceanu (Graphic Designer)