Heating the homes of Europe with an international ad for TAGU

Our team stepped once again on a set for a new #PoweredByVitrina video project: an international ad dedicated to an online audience!

The digital match

The challenge came from TAGU, a Romanian brand of electric fireplaces, which wanted to make its voice heard in Europe through a notoriety campaign with a debut ad.

The sparkling ideas

From researching and outlining the final ideas to choosing the most suitable actors and editing the last details in post-production, the agency worked continuously, in tune with the electric displays of the TAGU fireplaces that we studied so carefully.

Shortly after the beginning of the creative process, the idea of the concept for the ad came to light:

Simplifying the authentic experience

TAGU’s products dress any house in an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere that we can enjoy with our loved ones, and the functionalities of the fireplace make it a very easy to use device, from assembly to actual use.

Thus, we can enjoy an experience similar to the one offered by a real fireplace but simplified for a higher grade of comfort.

That being said, here is the main ad for the campaign:

Under pressure

With the established concept, the frames of the spot came to life in the storyboard of our creative director, but the work did not stop here.

Given the fact that the peculiarities of TAGU electric fireplaces are too attractive to keep them away from the limelight, along with the notoriety ad, four other short videos came to life on four different products:

  • one that emphasizes the ease of controlling the fireplace by remote control;
  • another that shows us how easy it is to maneuver the fireplace;
  • a proof that this product is not only a piece of decoration, but also provides warmth;
  • and another that teaches us how easy and fast the fireplace is assembled.

We leave it to you to find out below which is which.

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