Vitrina Advertising, n, 1. A full-service advertising agency, opened in Cluj-Napoca in 1992 with national coverage and an office in Bucharest. 2. The only Romanian representative of Advertising & Marketing Independent Network – AMIN Worldwide. ♦ Fr. Vitrine.



Because no good campaign is born by chance. Behind creativity, there is research. Behind results, there is method.

Creative and Branding

We create the perfect role for every product or service that we manage. The role of its lifetime, if you ask us.

PR and BTL Services

Smart things told as they should, where they should, but especially to whom and where they should.


Online or offline? Our @Digital department has all the answers with an organic reach.


Donate for superheroes!

Client: Banca Transilvania Services: the design of the contactless box stand, graphic design, production & montage Challenge: Banca Transilvania, together with the Little People Romania Association, launched in May 2018 the first contactless donation box in the...
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TEDxCluj – What if?

Client: TEDxCluj Services: visual concept, graphic design  Challenge: For the third year in a row, TEDxCluj has chosen our agency to come up with the visual concept of the event. The 2019 edition has as a main theme the question ”What if (the impossible was...
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Exhibition stand for Cerealcom Dolj

Client: Cerealcom Dolj Services: Concept, Design, Production, Montage Challenge: How to make an exhibition stand stand out on a 104 sqm surface, with a size of 13x8, made out of 24 5 mm PVC sheets, 14 palm sheets, thousands of screws, hundreds of angles, 90 sqm of...
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