We sing the opera together with Savini Due

Client: Savini Due


Services: An integrated awareness campaign: strategy, creative concept, video production, graphic design, photo shooting, photo editing, DTP, online campaign, indoor billboards, media strategy, social media.


The challenge was to find an organic way through which Savini Due could raise brand awareness while also promoting its unique bathrooms. We have created a two-steps campaign, focusing on the natural growth of a brand:

As the first campaign consisted of a series of outdoor banners, the most natural thing that would normally happen next was to make a good appearance on TV. Said and done. We discovered a fresh concept that has positioned Savini Due’s Italian bathrooms in the best spotlight:

We can all admit, in all honesty, that there’s something completely satisfying about singing in the bathroom. So, in this connection, what says Italian more than opera?

Savini Due is, after all, an artwork*