The First Medical Center for Podiatrics in Romania

Partnership from the very beginning: the Medical Center for Podiatrics, the first medical clinic in Romania specialized in foot care, opened in the fall of 2015, with the Vitrina team by their side from the beginning. The agency created the event concept and the communication campaign for the launch and the collaboration continues nowadays with creative, PR, production, media and digital services.

‘We are glad to have by our side the Vitrina Advertising team, they have been very enthusiastic about the project from the start, very professional and serious about every aspect,’M.D. Bogdan Florea, administrator of the Medical Center for Podiatrics, stated.

The center offers a wide range of multidisciplinary services in foot care: specialized services, well-trained medical staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and high standards of excellence. Also, for the first time in Romania, rhe mobile service offers podiatric assistance on demand: at home, in hospitals, clinics, recovery centers, and hospices.

The Vitrina Advertising team involved in creating and developing the communication campaign for the Medical Center of Podiatry is formed by Teodora Olaru (Art Director), Ovidiu Mihăilescu (Graphic Designer), Raluca Crișan (PR Manager), Iulia Romana Pop (PR Executive), Șoimița Crișan (Traffic Manager), Cecilia Măruță (Digital Strategy Manager), Andra Morăreanu (Digital Specialist), Georgeta Cerbănic (Media Manager), Adrian Săvoiu and Marius Măcicășan (DTP), Norbert Helmer (Production Manager).