Discover Salina Turda’s treasure: Salinate

Client: CIA Aboliv


Services: Integrated campaign: marketing strategy, creative concept, naming, packaging, launching event, promotionals, foto & video services, online marketing, in store marketing


The agency’s challenge was to conceive a marketing strategy to promote these products and to create an identity worthy for the product’s quality – a gourmet specialty for everyone whose wish is to have a refined snack. We started with the brand story and its values, being inspired by the way the products are produced, the decor from Salina Turda and a truly exquisite taste. This is how we managed to create a unique design for the packaging, promotional materials, for the online identity and, of course, for the launching event.

CIA Aboliv, Cluj County’s biggest meat produces revolutionized the market with a recipe of unique traditional specialties, made by today’s standards. The simple and natural ingredients are combined with selected spices and are left to raw-dry in a specially designed gallery in Turda’s salt mine to get a perfect natural flavor. The meats are being provided by nearby households, to guarantee the product’s freshness.

The authenticity and value of Salinate are confirmed by the certificate for “Romanian traditional product”

The agency’s challenge was to design an identity and to promote it accordingly.  The unique selling proposition was our inspiration for the product’s name: Salinate. And the headline “for refined tastes” managed to capture exactly the product’s uniqueness and to best describe what it represents: a gourmet product for people who want to try and exquisite and refined snack.

The packaging is inspired by Turda Salt Mine, the cut being the exact place where the products are located. The four assortments, cutlet, pork breast, haunch and pork neck fit perfectly in out design.

In order to capture the brand story, we organized a photo session and prepared a presentation video to describe the products at their best.

The launching event could only take place in Salina Turda and brought together journalists from all over Romania, local officials and personalities and the company’s representatives. The event concept, organization and promotional materials were conceived by Vitrina.

The team who made this brand happen was: Ioana Căprar (account manager), Cosmin Filip (graphic design), Mircea Vlad (copywriter), Georgeta Cerbănic (media), Șoimița Crișan (traffic) Raluca Crișan and Ana Mocanu (PR), Valentina Dumitrescu (social media)