Savini Due brings the Italian style in your home

Savini Due, the most important manufacturer of bathroom furniture in Romania, using the newest technologies in this domain has launched a new challenge on the Romanian advertising market: finding the best solution for a strategic communication direction, accompanied by a multi-channel campaign idea and the corresponding media plan. Vitrina Advertising was chosen as the agency responsible for the entire national campaign, starting with the objective of brand awareness.

While searching for the strategic idea, we started with the importance of this space, especially for women and we emphasized its functionality and comfort, but also its Italian design and diverse product offer.

Starting from the idea that every woman is unique, we transposed the creative approach in a simple way, through the headline: „Your bathroom, as unique as you”. The chosen key-visual emphasizes the idea that every woman has a bathroom as interesting and particular as herself, her uniqueness being passed also through the way she is designing and furnishing this space.

The team designated for this campaign was formed by Ioana Căprar (Business Development Manager), Georgeta Cerbănic (Media Manager), Mircea Vlad (Senior Copywriter) and Cătălina Ciolan (Graphic Designer)