Mega Image in Cluj-Napoca

Client: Mega Image


Services: marketing strategy, creative oncept, DTP, launching event, presentation materials, print and video, online marketing


Challenge: Mega Image opened at the beginning of April their first store in Cluj-Napoca, in the newest place in town designed for shopping, Platinia Commercial Gallery. Vitrina Advertising was the chosen agency to conceive, develop and implement the launch of Mega Image in Cluj-Napoca, as well as the entire post-launch communication. Given the brief, we developed a creative concept which goes hand in hand with local values, starting from the already specified identity of this international retailer. What came out? A campaign that gives inspiration to your home’s heart, spiced with local flavours and the local patriotism, the pride of being Transylvanian. For the actual campaign we chose four attributes which were launched in new roles. We tried to highlight the connection between Mega Image’s values and the values of people from Cluj.

The campaign was implemented on OOH, online and radio. For every channel we had teasing&revealing, each with its own particularities. For OOH we had 4 different messages, each one with its own visual. On the radio was the same, 4 different messages in 4 different spot broadcasts. #Amzisgustos, #Amzisdelicios, #Amzisproaspăt and #Amzisbun and with the help of 4 local influencers: Vlad Mureșan, Dan Ciulea, Groparu and Diana Rogo.

For the opening of the store to the large audience, the agency designed the graphic for the instore materials, created the PR materials and coordinated the actions which took place on the opening day.