We left our inspiration to delight us with Mega Image at Jazz in the Park

Fresh fruit baskets, blankets, hammocks, fluffy bean bags, a fun photo booth and the first Electro Jazz stage – This is how the Mega Image chill out zone looked like at Jazz in the Park, the festival that fills up Cluj-Napoca’s central park with music lovers every summer. Being the first cultural festival sponsored by Mega Image In Romania, we came up with a friendly and interactive approach where participants were left inspired by the relaxed atmosphere and jazz rhythms. It was bang on, just like festivalier.ro described it.

Also, to bring the newly launched brand on the local market even closer to the Cluj consumers, we surprised them with a pop-up stage and an interactive photo booth on the city’s busiest boulevard: Eroilor

The team involved in the Mega Image Project @ Jazz in the Park 2017: Ioana Căprar – Business Development Manager, Teodora Olaru – Art Director, Mircea Vlad – Senior Copywriter, Norbert Helmer – Production Manager, Iulia Romana Pop – PR Executive and Monica Hojda – Account Executive.