The union between music and nature with Piccolo Maestro

There is perfection in nature. Among the Carpathian Mountains, there are almost infinite maple tree forests bathed in sunlight and watered by the purest rainfall, which keep in their woods many musical instruments.

After manually choosing the tree, the wood is then gently placed in the hands of our luthier, who carefully carves a musical instrument attuned to the purity of music, that it is best to entrust it only to the hands of a child. By bringing together the purity of nature with the innocence of childhood, we think that the most beautiful music can be created the way that nature intended.

We have chosen to tell this story by creating the brand’s identity, a presentation catalog and a website according to the international market.

The project was won by pitching with other advertising agencies in Bucharest.

Vitrina Advertising’s team dedicated to creating Piccolo Maestro’s brand consists of Ioana Căprar – Business Development Manager, Mircea Vlad – Senior Copywriter, Sebastian Pîslaru – Graphic Designer, Andrei Coste – Head of Digital Implementations and Rareș Ionescu – Digital Implementations Specialist.