Welcome to Openville!

Client: Iulius Group


Services: Creative concept, Strategy, OOH, Photo-shooting, Design, Online


Challenge: Openville Timisoara will be the largest business, retail and entertainment center in western Romania developed by IULIUS and Atterbury Europe. This will be a record-breaking project: the highest office building in Romania, the largest suspended park in the country, the largest playground for children, a new cinema concept but also the largest private equity infusion in the real estate in the west of the country.

Because the planning, projecting, building and launching of a project as complex as Openville, needs a linear process that takes place in well-established stages, where each new element has a well-defined role, the best visual representation must include this process of staging.

In what way can we describe how Openville gets closer to the final achievement with each passing day? We decided to compare this process with one of the most popular entertainment products: a TV show with multiple episodes.

The ending of this series is the begging of reality. When the buildings will be first discovered, we want the people to already know the story behind it.