Welcome to our new pink home @ Thomsons Online Benefits

Our team has organized the most important local event for Thomsons Online Benefits – the launching of their new office, in Cluj-Napoca.

To celebrate six years in Romania, the British company has decided to launch their new pink office and on April 19 the board members from London and the Romanian team were reunited. Co-founder Chris Bruce, the British Ambassador in Romania, Mr. Paul Brummel and around 300 employees and guests enjoyed Thomsons’ anniversary.

Workshops, press conference, a meeting with the company’s key-clients and a well-deserved party, the event involved every team member.

In Cluj, gifted people work for the technological center, that offers software services to manage the benefit packages, standard or flexible, for companies in over 90 countries.

Vitrina Advertising offered complex BTL services, from concept to production, promotional materials, implementation and management for the entire event, 360˚.

The media and PR campaign included: media relations, press conference and the publishing of articles in the local and national press.

The team members who were involved in this campaign was Ioana Căprar – Business Development Manager, Iulia Romana Pop – BTL Manager, Lorand Caraiman – BTL Specialist, Monica Hojda – Account Manager, Georgeta Cerbănic – Media Manager, Anca Stef – PR specialist.