Hosts for Advertisers from around the Globe

On October 13-16, Vitrina Advertising was the host of the annual meeting of Advertising and Marketing Independent Network – AMIN, a network of more than 50 independent agencies from all over the world. Top managers from US, China, UK, Russia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, and Spain came to Cluj to discuss the industry’s trends, development opportunities for international clients, and how to value more the network’s potential.

According to the agency’s culture of event organising, we wanted an unforgettable experience for our guests. The conference included a series of speeches conducted by the psychologist Andrei Miu, ph.D, AROBS president, Voicu Oprean, and the entrepreneur Lorand Minyo. As it was the first visit to Romania for many of the foreign guests, we organized a special program which combined multiculturalism, tradition and modernity in a perfect mix for them to discover Cluj and Transylvania.

The Vitrina team that organized the event was formed by Raluca Crișan (Account Manager), Iulia Romana Pop (PR Executive), Andrei Coste (Head of Digital Implementation) and Cătălina Ciolan (Graphic Designer).

Vitrina Advertising is the sole Romanian representative in the AMIN – Advertising Marketing International network.