25 years of Vitrina

Marking the 25th anniversary of Vitrina Advertising, we managed to transform an ordinary day from October’s calendar into a truly story-like evening – together with our families, colleagues, clients, partners, and collaborators which whom, from the bottom of our hearts, we call „friends”. And we are lucky to have hundreds of them.

We watched an extraordinary ballet show offered by The Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca, named „Zorba”.  We all enjoyed the atmosphere created by the artists who let their mark on the evening through their voice and dance. Here, you can find the evening summarised in some photos

Beyond the anniversary, the show and all the appreciations, Vitrina is about people, feelings and a lot of hard work. We chose 25 verbs and put them in a movie in order to reflect 25 years of Vitrina Advertising and we would like to share it with you.